Nora Ricci's "Paths"

Conceived in order to stress the emotional impact of such an important moment, Nora Ricci "Paths" are three thematic proposals, which privilege the sensory sphere, able to stir up particular emotions in the couple and in the guests.

Do you want to know them?

"Party colours" will make colours and shades protagonist, by exalting them with flowers and light decoration, as well as with spectacular settings.

"Suggestions" will transform an intangible sensation of joy into tangible memories, through the charm of fragrances, the richness of banqueting spices and the softness of fabrics and objects.

"Love Rhapsodies" will be dedicated to those couples giving music a key role, able to give value to each single moment and, therefore, to emphasize particular moods.

Thanks to Nora Ricci's "Paths" enjoy happiness sensations!